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When ordering Avon motorsport tyres it is important to give as much information as possible. This enables to advise you on the correct compound and construction to suit your individual requirements.

The following information should be supplied:


1. Car make and type.

2. Wheel width and diameter.

3. Existing tyre size (and brand if not fitted with Avon).

4. Power and weight of car.

5. Circuit where used.

6. Duration of event.

7. Ambient conditions.


Avon tyres are raced under varying conditions, and with different combinations of cars and drivers. It therefore follows that under certain circumstances there may be differences in either the wear rate and/or the tyre's performance.


Whilst we make every effort to supply our customers with their ideal requirements, presentation of the above information will help to prevent any misunderstandings. Orders cannot be accepted without written confirmation. 

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