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Vereeken Motorsport is an official distributor of Avon Racing Tires for the past 25 years

in Belgium, Luxemburg and Holland


Whether you're tucking away the corners on a deserted stretch of road or thundering around the demanding curves of the race track, how well your tires perform makes a big difference to how much you can enjoy yourself and how much you can get out of your car. Not to mention how safe and confident you feel. And when you're looking for maximum performance, there's only one tire maker you should turn to - Avon.


Why are we so confident that our tires will deliver the performance you're after? Well, for starters, we've been making high quality tires since 1901. Equally importantly, though, we've amassed decades of experience on the race circuit.


You'll have often heard the expression 'racing improves the breed' and it's a theory to which Avon subscribes wholeheartedly. Which is why you'll find us competing in more than 150 race series around the globe, from F3000 to rallycross, production saloon cars to Formula Fords, even classic F1 cars.


Where it's appropriate, what we learn in the punishing world of motorsport we feed back into our high performance road and trackday tires. Because when you're 'pressing on', be it on the circuit or your favourite piece of road, we want you to have complete confidence in your tires; with Avon high performance tires, we're positive you will.

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